Hans Bausenwein Sportmarketing                                                        
  • School Teacher and Physician
  • After finishing medical school he worked for a short period in the hospital as a doctor. Then he made his hobby flying his profession and started the company Aerosport together with his wife Frigga.
  • Instructor for Hang Gliding and Paragliding, seminars for XC-flight planning and tactics 
  • Read the interview with Hans Bausenwein in Cross Country Magazine 120 Dec. 2008 
  • Since 2008 CEO of the paraglider manufactures association PMA
  • 2008 overall winner of the XC-Open World Series with GIN Boomerang 5
  • Since 2007 Organizer of the XC OPEN World Series www.xcopen.org 
    “Fly as far as you can!”
  • 2008 personal best flight with paraglider 205 km FAI triangle from his home mountain Hochfelln
  • 2006 2nd place Serial Class Pre-Worlds Australia
  • 1981-2006 Founder and Owner of Aerosport International  
  • 1995 - 2000 Red Bull Sponsorship
  • 1999 Hang Gliding World Record 100 km FAI-Speed-Triangle
  • 1998 Austrian Patent Safety Bar AT-1852/98
  • 1989 1st place German Hang Gliding League
  • 1988-2000 German National Team Hang Gliding
  • Participant at several World Championships